David Beckham: Los Angeles to Queens Park Rangers

fun88 But it should be noted that QPR are not having the best time of things at the moment. Harry Redknapp has already identified the player as a potential target. But it appears that particular adventure is over for Beckham, and he is now ready for his next adventure at the tender age of 37.

Nevertheless, the player may now feel that he just wants a quiet end to his career without a big fuss. It wasn’t that long ago that he was considered the most marketable footballer in the world.

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David Beckham is set to leave LA Galaxy in December, which is what many would see as perfect timing with the transfer window opening up in January 2013. One potential option that has emerged is a move to QPR. It is fair to say that he won’t play a great deal at this stage in his career, but he is a useful option and whoever snags him will be rewarded by revenue in all kinds of ways. But with all due respect to Major League Soccer (MLS), this was a standard that the former Manchester United player should never have lowered himself to.

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. There is a very real chance that the club could be relegated, and this may not be something that Beckham wishes to add to his CV at this late stage.

However, he has had some influence that has persuaded a number of high profile players to try the MLS. However, coming off the bench in the latter stages of games could well be an option. Of course, it is a well-known fact that it is not a sport that ranks highly in North America.

Nevertheless, that was not enough to discourage Beckham from making the transition. It is somewhat unknown if the player would welcome a move back to the Premier League.

Unsurprisingly the former England player still has plenty of admirers in the game and won’t be short of offers.

Starting games on any sort of regular basis could be beyond the player. One of the reasons for this is because he is a brand as much as he is a player. And the way Sir Alex Ferguson uses Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes at Manchester United could offer a potential clue to how Beckham could be used.

David Beckham has been living a lavish lifestyle in LA for the last few years under the pretence of transforming soccer in the United States

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