Luis Suarez: Lack of pressure the difference at Barcelona over Liverpool – Liga 2015-2016 – Football

12bet Today I do not feel as much pressure as I felt in other teams.

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When there was a bad game I was always criticised. I took it internally and it hurt me.

“Obviously I can improve further. Luis Surez, FC Barcelona – AFP

As for his time at Liverpool, Suarez says life was very different with the pressure of each game taking its toll on him.

“At Liverpool, even without anyone demanding it of me, I forced myself to do things to help the team to work, he said. That allows me to be more calm.”

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Messi, Ronaldo & Suarez to run for UEFA best player of season – Eurosport.

There are other players that stand out more than me and not everything depends on me. The most important thing is to have the desire to improve and with quality players around is always easier to do it.

He added: You learn a lot just by seeing what they do.”

While at Liverpool, Suarez says he “forced himself to do things to help the team work”, but he does not feel the need to do so at Barcelona where he is surrounded by the likes of Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta and Neymar.

It has been a refreshing change for Suarez, who says not everything depends on me at the Camp Nou, which has allowed him to enjoy his football again.

Asked what he appreciates most about playing for Barcelona, he said: “Coming to the pitch and enjoying it.

“I did it before, but in a different way

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